Travelling can be a normal part of a breastfeeding mum’s life. Pumping breast milk for your baby while you are away is one way to keep the connection – and to continue breastfeeding for longer.

Pumping breast milk while travelling

Many mums find that a breast pump is essential when they are travelling. With the right pump, you can collect milk ahead of time and have it ready in a bottle when you need it. If you travel frequently, you may consider getting an additional, more portable pump just to use when you are on the road.

If you are travelling by plane, it is a good idea to check ahead if you are allowed to bring breast milk on board, whether or not your baby is travelling with you. You will need to mention your breast milk when you pass through security.

Supplies needed for breast pumping while travelling

  • Double electric breast pump (you get more milk in less time with a double pump)
  • Hand-held breast pump as a backup
  • Battery pack and extra batteries
  • Adaptor / converter if travelling abroad
  • Pump kit (breast milk bottles, connector, valve, breast shield, tubing)
  • Storage containers: breast milk bottles or bags
  • Cool bag or insulated bag to store your breast milk
  • Sterilising bags and hand sanitiser

Storing breast milk while you are travelling

  • Store milk in storage bags made for freezing breast milk.
  • Make sure you label the milk with the pumping date.
  • Refrigerate the milk at the coolest setting.
  • If you are out of town for several days, consider sending your milk home packed in dry ice.

Though this process may need a bit of getting used to, with practice it gets easier and you will feel proud that, even though you were physically separated from your baby, you were able to keep the connection by continuing to provide your own milk.