Respiratory Care

Medicare Health & Living Ltd has been in the Respiratory Business since 1993. We supply a wide range of Fixed and Auto-titrating CPAP Devices, Bi-Level Therapy Devices, Humidifiers and wide range of Mask Systems. These products are used to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and other respiratory conditions. Once prescribed by a physician, these products enable patients suffering from OSA to have on-going treatment in the comfort of their own home.

NB. These products are used for prescribed treatments only and are not available through the website.

What is Sleep Apnoea – Are you at risk?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a common disorder.  OSA occurs because of upper airway obstructions that can cause you to snore or to stop breathing temporarily.  The muscles controlling the tongue and soft palate keep the upper airway open, despite been relaxed, throughout normal sleep.  In certain circumstances, these muscles relax too much causing the upper airway to collapse.  When this occurs, the airway becomes obstructed, preventing breathing.  This condition is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Types of Sleep Apnoea

There are three main types of sleep apnoea:

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), Central Sleep Apnoea (CSA), Mixed sleep apnoea.

Find out the differences between the three main types of sleep apnoea, and how to recognise the symptoms in yourself or loved ones.

Customer Testimonials

It really works! I started treatment in June and was very sceptical about the whole treatment etc. I needed to use it to go back to work but the whole thing was very daunting to me. I am glad to say though that it is one of the best things I have ever done – I have much more energy and I can think a lot clearer these days. And the best thing of all is that I’m now back to work and living life to its fullest. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without CPAP treatment and I would recommend it to anyone. It does take a little time to get used to but once you get the hang of it, you will never look back.
Obstructive sleep apnoea is such a prevalent problem and people are driving around undiagnosed in all walks of life and in all types of driving jobs. This is such an important condition to get diagnosed for and it really works and is life changing!

E. Keating | Wicklow

Thank God for the invention of CPAP machines for sleep apnoea...
9 years ago my life was full of despair and emptiness due to laziness and to
Lack of sleep... I weighted in @ 26 stone 6 ounces (…) When I received my machine from Medicare I made a conscious decision that every time I sat on my bed I would put my mask on (even for an afternoon nap). As I realised the importance the mask had on my health, it allowed me to get a proper night’s sleep while pumping air into all of my vital organs and at the same time giving me more energy to get up and make positive changes in my life. Today 9 years on I now weigh in at 13 stone and 6 ounces. A whole new life achieved - no longer am I held prisoner to my weight or suffering due to lack of sleep. I can't thank Medicare enough for their support and kindness over the last 9 years. In January 2017, I have a new sleep study to access me to see if I have lost my sleep apnoea. I testify if you use your mask every night you can transform your life from being a tired, overweight caterpillar to becoming a lively and healthy butterfly.....
Thank you Medicare for giving me my life back...

L. Gallagher | Dublin

I have been on a sleep apnoea (Medicare. C. Pap machine) since I was diagnosed 15years ago . I am pleased to say it has changed my life completely ,I get a good six to seven hours quality sleep & I find a massive improvement when I am driving to Cork I have no problem . Before I would have to stop a few times and if it was foggy I would have to park and walk for a few minutes to prevent falling asleep. I find the staff @ Medicare very helpful & pleasant if there is any problems with the (mask or machine) just phone and you get the problem sorted straight away. I can highly recommend the C. Pap machine & Medicare for this treatment.

J. O'Connor | Medicare Customer

When I found out I had the condition sleep apnoea I was shocked and I left the hospital mercy in cork and headed home as I drove my phone rang and it was the nurse dealing with me wanting me to go back. So I did because she made me realise the seriousness of the situation. I stayed overnight to wear the unit which I found very hard to deal with. How I found out was I was working in construction and travelling a long ways to work 6 o clock in the morning till 8 o clock in the evening for about 8 months I found that I was really tired getting up in the morning and feeling exhausted all the time. So I visited my local go and he sent me to the mercy. It took quite a while to get used to wearing the unit but the difference it has made to my life has been fantastic thanks to all of the provisional I have met from Medicare of which I am so grateful for their fantastic service and kindness. Years later now I wear the unit like wearing a pair of trousers I have got so used to it. I met a lot of people with the condition and that also helped me a lot. It’s a very private thing and nothing to be ashamed of and my advice is to wear the unit every night and get a great night’s sleep and get on with life as usual.

A. O’Donovan | Medicare Customer

I reluctantly started on CPAP in February 2013. By December 2013 and I was 4 Stone lighter ­ in fact nearly 60 lbs to be precise. I'd had my most successful year in business since the peak of the Celtic tiger in 2007 and I've also given up smoking. Coincidence ??? NO chance. It's a life changer. PERIOD.

A. Jones | Medicare Customer