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Obstetric TENS  

What is TENS?
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is the application of pulsed electrical current through surface electrodes placed on the skin for the relief of both acute and chronic pain.  

How does it work?

It works through the “Gate Control Theory” and via the release of endorphins into specific areas of the central nervous system.  TENS stimulates the large myelinated nerve fibres thereby closing the “Gate” to pain.  It also increases the release of endorphins from the brain.  Both these physiological actions reduce the number of nerve impulses reaching the brain, lessening the perception of pain.  TENS can therefore provide effective pain relief from the early stages of labour right through to delivery.

Why choose Pulsar TENS?

Pulsar is the only device on the market that has been specifically designed for labour pain relief.  The Pulsar unit is non-invasive and has a unique patient boost button which is activated at the start of your contraction.  This automatically switches the unit to continuous pain relief mode and increases the power output by 10%, offering maximum pain relief when you need it most.  With dual control and optimum pulse width it is not only the most powerful but also the most effective obstetric TENS unit available, making it the preferred choice in hospital delivery wards.

Is Pulsar easy to use?

Yes.  Because Pulsar is the only device designed specifically for labour, the pulse width has been pre-set to activate the fibres associated with labour.  Therefore, unlike other units, all you have to do is turn on the device and increase the power as needed.  Your Pulsar comes with a step by step user guide.  Also, the fully-trained staff at Medicare Rental & Sales Ltd are on stand by to answer any questions that you may have, after you receive your device.

Is Pulsar safe?

Throughout clinical trials no harmful side effects to either mother or child have been observed.  Pulsar is non-invasive and drug free allowing the mother full awareness of the birth process.  TENS should not be used by anyone wearing a cardiac pacemaker.

Can I move around while using the unit?

Pulsar comes with a convenient clip which allows easy attachment to a belt or pocket.  You may prefer to keep the unit and the boost button in hand for a quick and easy response to pain and contractions.

When should I start using the Pulsar TENS unit?

You should start to use your Pulsar as soon as you think labour is starting.  Remember, it is easier to overcome pain before it has become established.  If it turns out to be a false alarm simply turn off the unit and return the electrodes to their laminate, ready for reuse.  The electrodes are the highest quality available and can be reused up to 15 times.

Is Pulsar effective?

Studies have shown that 82% of patients found Pulsar to be of benefit and would use it again.  Pulsar can be used as a primary method of pain relief or in conjunction with other forms of analgesia.

Booking Information:

Booking early guarantees availability.  Tens are hired for 4 weeks and are collected or dispatched 2 weeks before your due date.  You can book by ordering your Pulsar Tens Rental Pack on-line, however, it will not be dispatched until 2 weeks before your due date - see below*.  A member of the Customer Service Team will contact you when you place your order through the website - to determine your due date and to arrange the delivery or collection of your unit.  You can also book by contacting our dedicated Customer Service Team at 01 2014900 or info@medicare.ie

Ordering Information:

You can order directly through our online Shop by clicking here or by contacting our Customer Service Team, Tel: 01 2014900, Email: info@medicare.ie  Credit/Laser Card details are required for all rental transactions.  You are advised not to send your Credit Card details by email. 


Tens units ordered directly through our online Shop are delivered using DPD courier next day delivery.  Tens units ordered by phone or email can be collected at Medicare or delivered using DPD courier next day delivery.


A PULSAR tens unit should not be used by people wearing a cardiac pacemaker.  The electrodes should not be placed on broken or inflamed skin.

Please Note:

A minimum hire charge is applicable.  At the end of the initial hire period the hirer must return the Pulsar.  Should the unit be required for a longer period the hirer will be charged for the overdue period when the unit is returned.

*For safety reasons and as the foetus is fully developed we do not allow dispatch of the Pulsar units until 2/3 weeks prior to baby’s due date unless we receive a letter from the mother’s obstetrician. 

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