Hose Buddy

89.95 Inc VAT

The Hose Buddy is the perfect accessory for CPAP and Bi-Level therapy that guides airway tubing away, leaving you tangle free while you sleep!

The Hose Buddy boasts a number of benefits such as:

– Mask Comfort:
Reduces the pull on your mask during sleep helping minimise leaks and improving mask comfort.
– Condensation Free:
If you are experiencing water condensation in your mask or tubing, the Hose Buddy can provide the clearest path of resistance so that moisture cannot collect in the tubing.
– Machine Safety:
Prevents tugging on your machine during the night. This helps prevent the machine falling off objects and also prevents possible water ingress from a humidifier that can occur from a fall.
– Easy Mask Storage:
The convenient hook and swivel allows for tidy mask storage during the day.