Hands-free pumping is a great option for busy mums. With specially designed bras, such as the Medela Easy Expression Bustier, you can talk on the phone, read a book or work on the computer while pumping.

Tips for using a hands-free breast pump

Hands-free pumping may take some practice. To ensure a correct fit and complete drainage of the breasts please follow the tips below:

  • Do not fix the shields too tightly to the breast. If necessary, adjust or loosen the bustier to ensure that the flow of milk is not restricted. You can test the fit after the first few sessions: check the shape of your nipple and look for any marks on your breast made by the breast shield.
  • Massage your breast occasionally during pumping to ensure that milk flows freely from all ducts.
  • Feel your breast all over after pumping to check for complete breast drainage.
  • Pump once or twice a day without the hands free option.

If you are a busy mum, hands-free expression is a great option for you. Use the Medela Easy Expression Bustier so that you can be even more efficient.

Instructions for hands free expression

Step 1

Put on Easy Expression Bustier and leave the zip open slightly.

Step 2

Place the breast shield on your breast under the bustier such that your nipple is centred in the tunnel fo the breast shield.

Step 3

Close the zip and insert the connector onto the breast shield.