Switching between breast and bottle means that your baby still gets your expressed breast milk when you are apart. Finding the right solution to feed your baby milk can be a challenge, as the baby’s feeding techniques for breast and bottle are different. To make it easier to switch, Medela has developed Calma.

Switching between breast and bottle made easy with Calma

Conventional bottle teats change the way your baby feeds, which essentially means your baby has to learn a new method of drinking from a bottle. Usually, this feeding method requires less work on the part of your baby, so over time they find it ‘easier’ (since the milk flows freely from the bottle) and in some cases they will not want to go back to the breast, where they need to suck harder. To avoid this from happening, Medela has developed Calma.

Medela’s recent studies show that creating a vacuum is essential for successful breastfeeding. Babies learn very early on that they have to produce a vacuum for the breast milk to flow. Medela has created the Calma feeding solution, which allows your baby to continue to use the same feeding behaviour learned at the breast.

While breastfeeding is always best for your baby, you can use Calma to feed your breast milk to your baby while you are apart without your baby refusing the breast because of different feeding techniques.