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A once in a life time opportunity – Help safeguard your child’s future

Medicare Health & Living Ltd in conjunction with Future Health Technologies Ltd offers you the unique opportunity to preserve your child's cord blood stem cells from birth onwards.


Stem Cells

Stem cells are regarded as the 'building blocks' or master cells of the blood and immune system.

Stem Cells are “unspecialised” cells  and can develop into specialised cells such as red blood cells or other specific body tissue to treat specific diseases. They are multipotent as they can give rise to many different types of cells in the body

There are three main sources of stem cells:

                Bone Marrow

                Peripheral Blood

                Umbilical Cord Blood

Stem cells are the "building blocks" of the blood and immune system

Over the past 20 years and in over 20.000 transplantations stem cells have helped treat many life-threatening illnesses by 'repairing' the damaged parts of the body. In addition to the standard medical treatments where cord blood stem cells are routinely used, ongoing research is continuously focused in finding new uses for stem cells. For example, Researchers at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and the Institute of Child Health (ICH) have found encouraging evidence that blood-borne stem cells can be used to make lung cells in the body

Cord Blood

Cord Blood is now known to be a rich source of Stem Cells.  Immediately after the birth a blood sample can be taken from the umbilical cord and from this sample the Stem Cells can be isolated and stored for up to 20 years.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells are used to treat a wide range of diseases of the blood and various cancers including Leukaemia, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma & Neuroblastoma.  They are unspecialised cells that renew themselves for a life time through cell division.  Under certain conditions they can be induced to become cells with special functions such as heart muscle cells.  Research using Stem Cells has already demonstrated huge potential for their use in the treatment of other diseases and cancers.

Lifetime Match

Stem Cells collected from your baby are a perfect life time match for the child, eliminating the process of finding a matching donor and the risk of rejection after treatment.

Benefits to other Family Members

Preservation also provides a level of protection for other members of your family because Stem Cells have at least a one in four chance of being an exact match for your baby's siblings.

Hibernian Aviva Health

Medicare Health & Living Ltd are in partnership with Aviva Health Insurance Ireland, whereby Aviva offers to its' members a contribution towards the cost of our cord blood stem cell preservation service (waiting periods apply & Mum must be a member). For more information contact Aviva on 1850 71 66 66.

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