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Milk Storing Guide

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Medela Breatmilk Storage Bottles                                                                  

Medela breast milk bottles are specially suited to the needs of mother and child. Your baby is not exposed to any harmful substances and feeding is easy.
As a mother, you can choose between different sizes, giving you constant flexibility.

  • Safe: Free of Bisphenol A (BPA) for your baby's health
  • Flexible: Ideal for expressing, storing, freezing and feeding breastmilk
  • Efficient: Not a drop of precious breastmilk is lost
  • Easy to clean: Dishwasher and microwave safe


Bottles for precious breastmilk

Breast milk is important for your baby's development. If you handle it carefully, it contains all the natural vitamins and nutrients your baby needs. The right choice of container for storing your milk is therefore very important. For this reason, Medela breast milk bottles are and always have been made from BPA-free materials.

Store breastmilk properly

Medela breast milk bottles have been designed for safe, long-term storage of breast milk. You can pump breast milk for your baby directly into the bottles and store it until it is needed. That means not a single drop of precious breast milk is wasted and you have less washing up to do. As you would expect, our bottles are shatterproof.


Breast milk is very precious

You should store and thaw your breast milk correctly. This is the only way you can be sure that all the important nutrients are preserved and bacterial contamination is minimised.

Guidelines for storing/thawing breast milk

Medela recommends using the following guidelines for storing and thawing breast milk. For Healthy Term Babies.

Medela Guidelines for storing/thawing breastmilk image

Tips for freezing/thawing breast milk:

  • Never fill bottles / bags more than ¾ full to allow space for possible expansion.
  • Label the bottle / bag with the date you expressed the milk.
  • Do not store breast milk in the refrigerator door. Store it in the lower back area of the refrigerator, where the temperature is coolest.
  • Thaw frozen breast milk in the refrigerator overnight or hold the bottle or bag under running warm water (max. 37° C).
  • Shake the bottle or bag gently to blend any fat that has separated.
  • Do not thaw frozen breast milk in a microwave oven or in a pan of boiling water (danger of burning).


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