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Welcome to Maternity section. Here you will find information on Medela Breast pumps and Medela accessories. You will also find information on other products in our range such as Obstetric TENS Labour Pain Relief or Infant Respiration Monitors all available for next day delivery within Ireland. Feel free to browse through Medela Breast Pump Overview, Breastshield Fitting  or Milk Storing Guide for overview of our current range of Medela breast pumps and accessories, such as Medela Swing, Medela Breast Milk Bottles or Medela Pump & Save Breast milk Bags. Please enjoy our website, if you have more questions feel free to contact our trained Maternity Team at info@medicare.ie.  


Medela Breast pump Overview & Product Manual

Milk Storing Guide

Medela Breast shield Fitting

Infant Respiration Monitor


Labour Pain Relief Obstetric Tens