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Infant Respiration Monitors

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Peace of mind while baby sleeps

Everyone has brief pauses in their breathing called Apnea – even babies and children. These brief pauses are completely normal; however, they can cause concern if breathing stops for 20 seconds or longer. Apnea in babies and children usually goes away of its own accord, and if it doesn’t cause any difficulties (such as low blood oxygen), may even be considered as part of the child’s normal breathing pattern. Sometimes, it is not known why some infants stop breathing, and the following advice may help to reduce the risk of this happening:

  • position the infant as advised by the midwife/clinician
  • do not smoke near the infant and avoid smoky atmospheres
  • take steps to prevent the infant becoming too hot
  • contact a doctor immediately if you suspect that the infant is unwell

A Respiration Monitor maintains constant surveillance against the event of unpredictable extended apnea (cessation of breathing). A parent may require an infant respiration monitor solely for peace of mind but they may be prescribed for the following babies

  • premature
  • low birth weight
  • multiple births
  • ex-special care baby unit patients
  • siblings of prior cot death
  • babies with respiratory problems
  • babies who experienced acute/apparent
    life treating events
  MR10 monitor


Medicare Health & Living Ltd offers a range of monitors for hire. Respiration monitors are ideally suited to home and hospital monitoring of a baby’s breathing. These monitors are capable of continuously monitoring the respiration of infants and will have audio visual alarms; if the infant stops breathing for more than a pre-set time (normally 20 seconds). Simple controls ensure ease of use and advanced digital techniques ensure that there are fewer false alarms.

Ordering Information
You can order directly through our Online Shop by clicking here or contact our dedicated Customer Service Team, Tel: 01 2014900 or Email: info@medicare.ie. Credit/Laser Card details are required for all rental transactions. You are advised not to send your Credit/Laser Card details by email.

Monitors ordered by phone or email may be collected at Medicare or delivered using DPD courier next day delivery.


 Before ordering we advise that you seek your doctor’s advice on using a monitor and on what to do in a case of emergency.
 The monitoring equipment only informs of an apnea attack, it cannot prevent one.
 For the equipment to be instrumental in preventing a “cot death”, it is essential that the user obtains professional resuscitation
 training. This point cannot be emphasised enough, as any warning given by a monitor will not be effective if you do not know
 how to react, in such a situation.

 Please Note:

 The minimum hire is equivalent to one month’s rental charge.  At the end of the initial hire period the hirer must return
 the monitor.  Otherwise, hire charges will be processed automatically, monthly in arrears (charged to hirer’s credit


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